Here you can buy designer gouache paints that are inexpensive and of high quality. All paints are made from very finely ground pigments with little water content, so your paint will last longer.

The gouache paint sets contain all the primary colours a professional artist needs.

We have individual pots if you need more of a specific gouache colour.  White gouache and other colours in individual pots of 100 ml and 220 ml are very popular with watercolour and gouache artists.

The longevity of the original colours is as below: 

* - low lightfastness 10-25 years (lightfastness means how long the colours remain unchanged after long periods of exposure to light.)

** - medium lightfastness 25-100 years

*** - high lightfastness over 100 years

We also have gouache paint sets that are designed for children. All kid's gouache paints are produced using natural pigments with non-phenol technology. The colours are selected based on research into the specific colours most popular with children. This makes the children's gouache sets an amazing birthday or Christmas gift.

Enjoy your shopping!

Designer gouache paint

The video shows an artist painting with the brand of Gouache, 'I'm an Artist'. This brand is made specially for children.

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In this video, you can see an artist paints using Gouache paint.

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